Herring and matjes-herring

Since 1960, Gilco has specialised in preserving herring and matjes-herring (or young herring). But that’s not all. We are also at the forefront of taste innovation in everything to do with herring. Where in the past, we have always emphasised quality, we now added creativity to this. For example, in addition to the “normal” rollmops and matjes-herring, we have successfully launched a wide range of product varieties on the market under the name

There are more than 15 flavours of herring snacks: from beetroot, mango and curry, to chilli, sherry and dill. The herring snacks are available at the supermarkets of Delhaize, Albert Heijn, Carrefour, Aldi and Colruyt.

At Gilco, we excel in quality


Our herring


Our herring is caught off the coast of Denmark and Norway. Upon arrival, they are marinated according to a tried and tested family recipe. They are then carefully processed by our professional team, who ensure a meticulous presentation of the products and preparations. The treatment process is carried out according to the most stringent criteria in terms of hygiene and quality.

We are proud to announce that we are IFS and MSC certified and can, therefore, guarantee impeccable quality, without losing sight of sustainable fishing!

Herring in all its varieties:matjes-herring


Gilco Herring: innovation and creativity


For almost 60 years, Gilco has specialised in preserving herring and matjes-herring (or young herring). Of course, the product range is no longer limited to rollmops and fillets only. In the meantime, we excel in reinventing combinations with herring in the leading role. The herring snacks are very popular as they are excellent as a healthy and user-friendly appetiser. In addition, there are tapas in various flavours and, in 2011, Gilco won the Seafood Prix d’Elite award with its ‘Fruit and Fish’ product; a combination of herring with tropical fruits or apple with blueberries.

Gilco is the only matjes-herring producer in Belgium with the certified IFS label. In addition, we took over the Antwerp regional producer Poolster and produce the traditional herring with respect to the old recipes.